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Tech Info

Tech Info

Prior to ordering your wheels, please verify your measurements are made according to the diagram below.

With double beadlock AND/OR wheels with a backspace larger than 3.5", there is a brake clearance concern. To check this, measure from the center of your axle out to the edge of your brake caliper in a straight line--if that measurement is less than 6.5", you should have proper brake clearance. Any more than that, and we recommend contacting us for further assistance.


Bolt pattern measurement: The TRUE bolt pattern is the diameter of the circle ALL 5 LUGS are placed on, through the center of each lug. The best way to measure this is shown in the diagrams below, refrencing the MEASURED BOLT PATTERN specifications. If you have any questions, before ordering, please contact us! 





Drag Race Wheel Weights

15x3.5--8.5 lbs.
15x8--13.7 lbs.
15x10--15.5 lbs.
15x12--17.2 lbs.
15x14--15.0 lbs.
15x15--15.6 lbs.

15" C1 and Wave--5.4 lbs. per lock
15" CWI and Smoothie--4.9 lbs. per lock
15" CWI X/XV--4.0 lbs. per lock


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