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Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

Built to Order Wheels

How long does it take to receive a set of wheels?

We build each set to your specifications, this will sometimes take up to 12 weeks. This timeframe does depend on the volume of orders we receive at the time your order is placed. A general timeframe of shipping date is placed at the top of each wheel category page for your reference. After your order is placed, a representative will call to confirm your guaranteed shipping date.


Do you make a non beadlock rear wheel?

No, unfortunately we no longer offer a non beadlock drive wheel.


Do you sell a spindle mount wheel?

We do not offer a spindle mount wheel at this time.


Do you make an all black wheel?

Unfortunately, we do not offer an all black wheel.


Do you have any other sizes available?

We do not build any sizes other than those listed on our website.


Do you sell a 4-lug wheel?

No. At this time, we only make 5-lug bolt pattern wheels.


Where are the wheels produced?

We design, build and ship our wheels out of our shop in Lake Elsinore, California. All of our parts (wheel centers, rim shells, beadlock parts) are made in the USA, with the exception of the center caps (Korea), valve stems (Korea), and beadlock bolts (Canada).


What lug nuts should I use for my wheels?

You do not need special lug nuts to run our wheels--any standard 1/2" shank lug nut will work for the front wheels, and the rear wheels use a 3/4" shank, or a 5/8" style lug nut. We do make billet aluminum lug nuts that are perfect for any application: the front wheel lug nuts can be found at the following link: https://www.championbillet.com/short-shank-lug-nut-open-end/ . The lug nut for the rear wheels is:(long shank) https://www.championbillet.com/long-shank-lug-nut-open-end/  or (5/8”) https://www.championbillet.com/5-8-18-lug-nut/ .


Beadlock Conversions 

How do I get the beadlock conversion process started?

To begin the beadlock process, you can send the wheels to 18537 Collier Ave., Lake Elsinore, CA 92530. Please include a Beadlock Work Order Form with your wheels, available for download by clicking here. Once we receive your wheels, we will call you before we start work. Typical beadlock conversion time is about 2 weeks. This link will help you decide which beadlock you’d like: http://championwheelusa.com/dragraceconversions.htm. If you are planning for a double beadlock, check out this technical information as well, to make sure your wheels will be a good candidate for double beadlocks, and that your brakes will clear the backside beadlock: http://championwheelusa.com/TechSpecs.htm



Can you widen or narrow my wheel when you install the beadlock?

Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to change your wheel width.


My wheels are powder coated, will this disrupt the conversion process?

Not at all. We will remove part of the powder coat where the beadlock welds on, but it is a clean cut that the beadlock will cover. As long as the powder coat was professionally installed, it will not crack or bubble when we do our work. Alternatively, you can have the wheels powder coated after the work is complete, but we suggest checking with your powder coat shop to ensure they are familiar with working with parts that have threaded holes in them.

What parts of the wheel should be sent?

Please send your wheels with rim screws, valve stems and center caps removed. We will need the centers bolted in for any 3-piece style wheels, as we use the center to hold the wheel when doing the beadlock conversion. Any wheels sent without centers will be returned to the sender.

 General Questions

How does shipping work?

Shipping is calculated from UPS rates, and we only charge you what they charge us, no additional handling fees. Typically it runs about $25-$30 per wheel for the rears, and about $30 for the set of front wheels. When you have the items in your cart, you can calculate your exact shipping cost to your address by starting the check out process and filling out your shipping address. Shipping time is 3-5 business days, and all orders are made and ship out of our shop in Lake Elsinore, Ca.






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